Youthful yet sophisticated

When my client wanted her son’s bedroom designed, she wanted something that he could grow into and use for many years to come.


One of the biggest advantages of using a navy blue in boys’ bedrooms is the incredible flexibility it offers. This goes way beyond just the various shades and hues that it comes. The versatility of blue allows you to upgrade the room as they grow older and since it is relevant across age groups, the changes can be kept to a minimum. With most modern homes opting for sleek and stylish contemporary themes, blue along with white or other neutral shades makes the kids’ bedroom a perfect extension of the remainder of the house.


Michaelangelo loves cars, and so what would be better than to incorporate a fun car wallpaper! This was paired with  custom luxurious velvet curtains to match the custom made headboard we made, a modern tartan rug, a large desk for study time (which we made matching pedestals to complete the collection), a storage unit at the foot of the bed for additional toys, light pendants, shelving and many other little elements that finished this space off for Michaelangelo to enjoy!

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