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Daniélla’s nursery was designed for such wonderful parents who were so  lovely to work with. Their little girl is a little miracle and we had to create something extra unique for her. The nursery flows beautifully, using the same aesthetic from the master bedroom and represents their style and flows beautifully with the rest of their beautiful home.


Inspired by a cherry blossom, our client also requested pinks and touches of navy and silver accents for the rest of the space. We manufactured our Marquise cot, and custom made a side board (a request for more storage space), as well as a storage unit to fit seamlessly under the desk fixture that already existed in the room, and all these items were painted a gorgeous pink. We used wood finishes (to match up with the BIC’s in the room) and incorporated this with the custom made side tables we manufactured, as well as the legs of our Mindy rocking chair the custom made side board.


A large pink round plush rug is layered with a biscuit colour rug which pulls the space together, and add extra coziness to the room. Daniélla’s name is featured on the wall which we did in silver and a biscuit colour. Her bedding incorporates dusty pink, navy velvets and silver embroidery.


As always, I like to get a sense of who my client is, and what they want for their child’s space, because the room is ultimately meant to inspire the client and their family. I wanted this nursery to reflect my client’s personality, and I wanted an end result that was not only beautiful, but also comfortable, safe, and a place that always feels like home.


What could be more beautiful than an actual pink cherry blossom tree in a bedroom? I can’t think of a better setting for those late night feeds!

“ Every person will tell you that having a baby is a miracle.  In our case it truly is a real miracle.  After many doctors visits and receiving not so good news, God proved to us that He is in control and that his timing is perfect. 

When it therefore became time to design a room for our Danièlla, we knew we wanted it to be something special.  We were following Ninho Interiors on Instagram for some time and we just knew that there will be no one better to turn our vision for a dream room into a reality.  We immediately proceeded to contact Natalie and the warm and welcoming message that we received back from her, was only a further confirmation that we are in good hands.  

We ordered a cherry blossom tree from a company we found in Johannesburg.  The cherry blossom tree symbolizes life and new beginnings and we could not imagine anything more appropriate for our little miracle’s room.  As luck would have it, the installation of cherry blossom tree coincided with the first consultation we had with Natalie.  Despite the room being an absolute disarray, Natalie approached the situation with such grace and just assured us that it will look fantastic.  We played around with ideas and despite my husband and I being worlds apart on what we wanted for the room, Natalie entertained everything that was thrown at her. 

What followed however exceeded any of our expectations.  The designs that she came up with was not only a perfect balance between what my husband I wanted, but showed the manner in which she just embraced our sense for the eccentric.  Every message and e-mail sent turned into an aaaaaawwwww moment and was met with so much excitement. 

When the room was eventually complete, we could not believe what was done.  We would find ourself sitting in her room at night, just staring at everything and feeling contempt so grateful for what Natalie and her team has been able to provide us.  This will be the room in which we will get to love our Danièlla, to raise her and will get to spend all those special moments with her.

We are so grateful for getting the opportunity to work Natalie and her team.  The words “thank you” does not express our gratitude or the gift that we were given by working with Ninho interiors. 

I wish you all the best and pray that God will continue to bless your business, your team and your family. 

All our love!” – Marius, Anèl and Baby Danièlla

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