Designing a nursery that will grow with your child

What does your dream nursery look like?
I am often asked for tips and advice on how to create a dreamy oasis for little ones, and my biggest suggestion to parents is to create a space that can grow with your child. I love to design rooms that are beautiful and reflect the style and aesthetic of my clients, and always consider having at least one item in the nursery that can be used for many years to come. I often remind my clients that the space is not only for baby, but for themselves too. I believe the baby’s room is for the parents to enjoy as well. It’s a space they will use together in the first year or two of the child’s life (Think of those late night feedings, afternoon play times and so on).
Designing a nursery with both baby and adult in mind means you can have a nursery that lives beyond the infancy stage, through the toddler years and even into the teens. So if we plan smart upfront, we can design a nursery with a few key features that will nicely transition from baby to big kid.
Here are some ideas (and spaces we have worked on), that can help you have a nursery that will grow with your child, and enjoy it much longer than you think:
The Cot
There are endless options on cots, and this will all depend on your style, but there are some cots that can be converted into a toddler bed at a later stage, or some cots where the backing can be used as a headboard for a double bed. Choosing a traditional standard crib allows conversion into a toddler bed with the same cot mattress. If this is the route you want to take, then choose the cot that you really love, and enjoy it for as long as your little one can use it – you can easily flat pack our cots, and store it away for the next baby or friend. 
Choosing a convertible crib allows conversion into a toddler bed too, and then eventually can be used with a full size bed. The idea that this cot will be used for many year to come (and possibly up until they’re in their teens), is a great option if you’re looking to use this item for a very long time.
Milan Cot by Ninho Interiors
The Dresser

This is the part I would suggest spending more money on. This item is going to be used as a changing station in the beginning, but it will be a long term investment as it will be used for many years; whether you will use it to grow with your child, or will be adapted for use in a different room in your home. I would suggest purchasing a dresser that you will always love in that space, a dresser that will coordinate nicely with any future bed. 

Willow Dresser by Ninho Interiors
The Walls
When choosing a colour theme for your nursery, pick colours that will transition well into the big kid phase. Make sure that the colours chosen will look good when the kid is older, and if you want to choose a gender specific colour, make sure that the colour scheme can transition nicely and not look too baby. 
Another option is choosing a gorgeous wallpaper (which I am sure you know we absolutely LOVE to do). Majority of the wallpapers we install, can easily be seen in other rooms of the home, therefore allowing it to easily transition into the next phase.
Nursery by Ninho Interiors
The Feeding Chair

There is one place not to cut cost, and this is the your feeding chair. Whatever seating choice you end up choosing, you will spend many hours of the day and night keeping your little one soothed, fed and rested, so your comfort is essential. Make sure you choose a cosy, chic chair that you can repurpose for the toddler stage (think reading corner) or even in another room in your home.

Nursery by Ninho Interiors
The Side Table

Having a little table next to your feeding chair is convenient to keep all those necessities close by whilst feeding or putting baby to sleep, so invest in a side table or nightstand that you will eventually place next to a bed. Another lovely idea which we created for one of our clients earlier this year, was two storage trunks that she used as her side tables, and later it will be used as storage boxes for her little girl to store all her toys and other items. You will soon realise that there is never too much storage space!

Nursery by Ninho Interiors
The Storage

Having a bookcase (if you have the space) or some bookshelves on the wall will never be a bad choice. This will be perfect to store that beautiful collection of books, as well as some sentimental keepsakes to display. Over the years, you’ll just keep updating the items that are displayed. In the end, this is an item that will be worth it – especially in terms of some storage and space to display your favourite pieces.

Alena Bookcase by Ninho Interiors
The Lighting

Besides a table lamp on the nightstand, or the cute little night light – we love a beautiful statement light in the nursery, and it is an important element of design. Depending on the style you’re after, we recommend a fun, oversized pendant or even an elegant chandelier that can easily transition into a toddler room, teen room and perhaps even a guest room in future.

Nursery by Ninho Interiors
The Window Treatment

You also want to keep sunlight out while your baby is sleeping, so a blockout curtain is a necessity. We love a thick, high-quality curtain or blind that works within the space and can be used for many years to come. 

Nursery by Ninho Interiors
I hope this assists you in creating a nursery that you can easily transform into a toddler and hopefully, teen room too. I don’t want to take away all the fun in decorating a child’s nursery, so don’t forget that the smaller items can be very whimsical and sweet. Add accessories like plush toys and toy baskets that can easily be swopped out as the child ages.
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Keep well, and take care!
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