meet Natalie


Hi! I’m Natalie. I absolutely love all things design – interiors, architecture, fashion and photography!

I am a mom to a beautiful little girl and wife to my darling husband. They are my absolute gems. We are a Portuguese family, hence the name Ninho which means nest. This best describes my business, as I help parents and parents-to-be create a place or a safe haven for they little ones.

I’ve been part of the design world for 10 years, which has led me here, to Ninho Interiors. I take absolute joy, pride and value in how we have the ability to curate and nurture spaces in our homes, resulting in the environments we’d like to reflect to the outside world – spaces of joy, peace, safety and celebration. I never imagined that I would find my niche in creating rooms for little ones, but here I am!

Ninho was founded in early 2016, where I created my business with a focus on nurseries and child spaces after seeing this specialised service missing. Bringing together beauty, functionality and safety, I believe in creating spaces for my clients that are unique, dreamy and curated. 

My goal is to create the most dreamy, functional, cozy and safe environment for your most important people to grow in. I love creating spaces that reflect my clients style, and each new project is a chance for me to create something unique & special. Ninho also manufactures its own range of furniture, bed-linen, wallpapers and so much more.

I hope you enjoy the experience at Ninho! A big thank you for following along and I look forward to connecting with you all.